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The 'HushMeet' By Thinkspace

HushMeet is designed for collaborative meetings for up to 4 people. The adjustable light and ventiliation, plus comfortable furniture, turns brainstorms into breakthroughs and brings ease to interviews and private meetings. Like all other Hush booths, hushMeet also offers a plug & play functionality.

The HushMeet has built-in casters so you can easily adjust your space with a push. All other booths sit on a unique frame that allows 4" of space, making it easy to move the unit with a pallet jack. Rearrangement takes minutes, requires no disassembly, and allows no interruption

The HushMeet comes with a variety of options, including furnishing, color options, and external add-ons. They also have a fully equipped green wall system that allows you to cover the exterior of each Hush booth with plants of your choice.

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