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ReGeneration by Knoll: With an Eye Toward Conserving Resources

Innovative in its simplicity, ReGeneration minimizes materials and components. The straightforward design leverages flexible, durable and sustainable materials that respond to your movements, providing comfort and support throughout the day.

Put simplicity to work.

ReGeneration gives you the comfort and support you need as you move about your day without interrupting your work flow. With simple, minimal adjustments and responsive performance, ReGeneration supports the body’s natural tendency to move, promoting comfort and freedom of movement with three key features.

Slim profile back with contoured frame.

High performance elastomer Flex Back Net with integral lumbar support. Optional adjustable lumbar support available.

Designed for 270 degrees of sitting.

Flex Seat with three sides of seat edge flex and seat depth adjustment. Set-back arms for leg clearance and contoured arm pads for Continuous Lumbar support when side sitting.

Responsive performance.

Weight compensated Dynamic Suspension control with a smooth, synchronized recline and four independent flexors that respond to multidirectional movement. Recline resistance feature for greater upright support.

Doing more with less.

From the renewable energy used to power the manufacturing facility, to the post consumer plastic (up to 215 plastic water bottles worth) and the innovative use of corn by-product and soy in the back and seat, ReGeneration by Knoll redefines what it means to put the Earth first.

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