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New from Knoll: Pixel Lounge (by Marc Krusin)

Pixel Lounge is designed to support all the ways you work. With seating elements, tables and power you can plan a multitude of configurations to create engaging environments.

From office spaces to campuses, airport lounges and beyond, Pixel Lounge offers a comfortable spot for anyone who needs to relax while getting down to business - because sometimes the best work gets done when it doesn’t feel like work at all.

In a world where work can take place anywhere, providing individuals and teams variety and choice is key. Pixel Lounge offers the ergonomic comfort and access to power that individuals need to do focused work in a more relaxed way and a welcoming collaboration spot for teams to get together.

Design engaging, flexible and adaptable social settings with Pixel Lounge. With modular components, you can plan discrete objects like armchairs, sofas, benches or expansive configurations in a variety of shapes.

With its scalloped back, modern and quiet design - Pixel Lounge is beautiful from all angles. Graceful details like the reveal in the upholstery seams offers the ability to add a subtle nuance or a pop of color.

Click here for more info on the Pixel Lounge.


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